What are plant based supplements?

What are plant based supplements?

Dietary supplements have prevailed in the healthcare market for ages now, with growing popularity of natural products the idea of complete extraction of dietary nutrients from plants emerged. The resulting products which were solely and soulfully obtained from plants, algae, trees etc are referred to as Plant Based Supplements (PBS).


Why plant-based supplements?

Plant based supplements are 100% vegan. Minimally-processed, plant-based supplements offer several advantages over synthetic vitamins and minerals. They are less likely to cause any allergies or side-effects and are more likely to benefit your body as compared to other supplements. Plant-based supplements typically carry a lower risk of mineral toxicity than their synthetic or animal-sourced counterparts. Relying on plants is better for your health and better for the environment. While the majority of plant-based supplements are also vegan, it is still possible that unscrupulous manufacturers will sneak in some animal by products or use non-vegan products.


Who cannot consume plant-based supplements?

There are no harsh bans on consumption of plant-based supplements as they are 100% nature based and there are no such side effects of them.


What are some negative aspects of it?

It may be possible that plant-based supplements may provide inadequate nutrients intake but with right diet  it can be overcome.


Are plant-based supplements safe during pregnancy?

Plant based supplements can be a healthful choice at every stage of life, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. A well-consulted plant-based supplements provides all the nutrients you and your developing baby need. There are also some potential benefits to eating more plants during pregnancy backed up by research such as high fibre and a range of important vitamins and minerals. Adding plant-based supplements require you to consult with your doctor. However, taking supplements can be quick and convenient if you are struggling to meet your nutritional requirements.


Does PlantBro provides plant-based supplements?

Yes, PlantBro is  100% authentic, organic and effective brand if you are looking for nature-based supplements that are free from cruelty and preservatives. Our exquisite range provides healthy supplements curated from various medicinal mushrooms and herbs that are beneficial for the holistic development of your overall health. These wonderful ingredients are cultivated in our very own farm. We are driven by the love of health and preserving nature.