• Give yourself a Boost of
    Wellness with

  • PlantBro’s 100% Organic Supplements
  • Cordymune

  • Cordymunes are an exquisite source
    of adaptogens and anti-ageing
    bioactive agents. These may also
    ensure strong immune support,
    relief from arthritis, and improved
     sexual vigor.

  • Muslivia

  • Muslivia is a high potency capsule that
    not just enhances energy levels
    but also augments libido, and
    sexual vigor improves sperm
    count, and helps with fertility

Give yourself a Boost of
Wellness with

PlantBro’s 100% Organic Supplements Grown on our own farms

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          How to use?

          • Take it twice a day before or after meals.
          • It can also be consumed pre and post -workout.
          • A perfect alternate to your morning coffee.
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          Feel better and keep a clear head.
          Vegetarian and cruelty free
          Grown with care by Our farmers.
          Non GMO product
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          PlantBro Life Sciences works on the interface of biotechnology, chemical free Agriculture and Microbiology.

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