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Bringing medicinal mushrooms to the masses in the spirit of health and fitness. We work in synergy with the tribal community and maintain a symbiotic relationship with them, empowering their culture and age-old practices in using chemical-free agricultural methods to in-grow our medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Agriculture is a multidisciplinary field in biology that consists of all 3 sciences. It comprises the natural, economic as well as social sciences that find application in the understanding and practice of agriculture. We absolutely promote eco-friendly agricultural techniques to cultivate our own ingredients.


With each delivery, you get all the analyses and certificates that confirm the marketability from the standpoint of food quality and organic certifications.

Exceptional Quality

The products that we offer are methodically inspected while ensuring that all products are 100% lab tested and chemical-free. Apart from this, they are non GMO, cruelty free and safer on the planet



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Our Story


With Plantbro Life Sciences, our mission revolves around 3 simple facts: - We constantly strive to come up with products that make your life healthier and are also good for the environment.
Our efforts go towards combining nature and technology in a way that it can be beneficial not just for humans but for the environment too.
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